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Simply adding user playable aircraft to a planesxxx.dat file isn't enough. There are lines of code in the DGen.exe itself that mirror those in the planesXXX.dat files. It's like a planesxxx.dat file within the executable. They have to match with the .dat file or else the plane being added in the .dat file will not be accepted in campaigns.

There are two solutions, however.

You can download and use Lowengrin's DCG. It has seen active development for more than ten years and is still being developed even today. There are a lot of options and takes a bit of time to learn, but it is highly configurable and flexible. Also, the campaigns are truly dynamic, not just random missions generated for a fixed campaign like in the default DGen. A very powerful tool, user-friendly, and very stable. Very highly recommended!

The other option is Asura's DGen. It is a user modified version of DGen and fundamentally operates the same way, except that now the user has access to many files that were once exclusively compiled in the executable. Any user-flyable aircraft can be flown in any campaign.

The last version I used was v2.0.1.0. Personally, I can't quite recommend this work becasue there have been a host of other changes made that don't make sense and that I don't necessarily agree with. One of which is the removal of randomly generated flights for European and Russian campaigns that were not part of the script called for in the ops.dat file. That killed a lot of the immersion. The DGen Mod can also be very buggy at times. Conflicts with campaigns resulting in aircraft exploding when they spawn, spawning in incorrect locations, being improperly labelled (i.e. parked US aircraft with Soviet markings in a Solomon Islands campaign), or flying at too low an altitude and crashing, are common. Attention is paid to adding lots of technical bells and whistles but the stability and compatibility of the program is questionable at best, unless campaigns are kept very simple, which IMO defeats the point.

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