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Ok thx. No problem though if its done in a good way as it can stand for a better story.

I saw that you mentioned in this topic that its due for Q4 2007 but when I look at the main site then it says a release date of spring 2008.
Which of those two are the most likely?

By the look of things this game will have an epic story so I hope it'll also contain some plot twists which I'm a sucker for
Is there in some way romance in the game?

Now I haven't seen much of this game in terms of videoclips so I was wondering if you can play it also in first (cockpit) view as I saw third person view already on some YouTube movies and screenshots?

Another question that pops in my mind, can you use the hat switch of the joystick to look around if there is a first person (cockpit) view?

Can you also tell me who will do the voice acting, is it a known team from other games or local people who will perform it in English?

One last for now, any idea how long the game is?

Sorry for all these questions but I'm sure that other readers would like to find out about these things too and I hope you don't mind if I come up with some more
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