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This should be my final questions so don't worry and I think most will answer the questions everybody else might have too

- How many missions are there in the game?

- What the planetary missions concern, how many times do you actually go down on a planet to fight it out and can you land on them whenever you like or is this also lineair?

- On planets do you get out of your ship and are free to walk around?

- How does advancement take place, will you get higher in level and be able to buy some better stuff or do you get it automatically? Do you gain medals also?

- Are there different difficulty settings or is there some kind of choice between arcade and sim?

- Do you always get to fly the same ship and upgrade it during the course of the game or do you get to fly different ships?

- If there are different ships that the player can use, do they all feel the same in term of flying?

- When your ship gets upgraded (if that's the case) then will you see it visually?

- Can you explain something more on the missions the player gets involved in, meaning are there varied types of missions such and search & destroy, escort missions, etc.?

- How many systems does the player get to visit during the course of the game?

- Do you usually get to fly alone or always with wingmen?

- What kind of weapons are there in the game?

- Is there really no freedom in the game in terms of gameplay or do you have the option to choose which mission you prefer to do next?

- Will there be an SDK available so users get to create there own missions, story?

- Will hostile NPC's taunt you?

- Do you also get to dock in capital ships, space stations, etc?

- When can we expect a new trailer?

- Will there be add-ons or sequels?

Maybe you should create a new topic for this and make it a Q&A with all the questions I've asked .
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