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I can't believe some of the idiots in this forum. Why the hell to they even bother lurking around here when they obviously don't like the game.

The game uses all cores and you can check the test done over at simhq.

I am currently playing the russian version which i bought directly from 1C website and i'm having a ball with it even though i can't understand half of it yet since i don't speak russian. I've managed enough to set up a few controller settings, video options and so on. Tried out a few quick missions and i love it. It's a demanding game for sure but untill i get my english version and tweaked the game with settings i can read , i won't complain about anything

To Maddox, Ilya and the dev team. The game is beautiful,jaw dropping and brilliant so far. Excellent work

Untill one has actually played the game keep the mouth shut!

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