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thanks you guys, so my work wasn't in vain.

Originally Posted by shaq View Post
Thanks for the config. I have a i7 920 @3.9 and 260 SLI and the falling icicles dropped the FPS to 8! I can't believe they set it that way. If my rig won't play it they shouldn't have released it.
sorry to break it to you, but your system is not the scale to measure a game's fitness for the market. as i wrote already, it runs on 4 year old mid-range hardware. if you put too much load on your system, it's not the devver's fault. just because a game gives you the possibility to throw in tons of processing-heavy features does not mean that you have to use them all. no one could do it with crysis either when it came out....

anyway, as i already mentioned, i run the game on a single gtx260. i have an amd 4200+ x2 and my mainboard doesn't even support pcie 2.0, yet my framerates never dropped below 25fps when the icicles shattered. i just tried it again with a fresh install without any mods. my system has been up and running for over 10 hours and i have tons of apps running in the background, yet a stable result. your case sounds like the many i heard over and over again. someone has a beefy system and thinks he automatically can max out everything (i assume you did, didn't you?). the fact that this is not the case does not mean that the game is bad or unplayable, it just means it's ahead of its time and you're demanding too much from your hardware. honestly i doubt that you gave much thought to the settings that you used in the game. well, read on. your solution is just around the corner. btw, i don't try to sound like an asshole, but the idea of scrapping a game just because you can't play it maxed out goes against all logic. now, if you couldn't play it with everything turned down on a high-end system that would be different...

Originally Posted by shaq View Post
Are you going to do a higher end config? Putting everything off and at 1 seems a bit drastic. I am going to mess with the numbers and see how high I can put everything and still have it be playable. Thanks for showing which numbers to edit. And I'm glad they made the game so moddable.
well, you can use the first mod. that one is pretty high end. it's also the one that i used to make the above screenshots to compare the visual impact. as you can see it's pretty much unnoticable.

the second mod was only thought as an experiment to get max fps for those who might need it. actually, i had a guy in mind with a mobile x1300 and shared ram who wanted to play the game. don't know on which forum i saw him asking about whether he could run it or not, but i targeted these extreme cases with that mod.

Originally Posted by waynen12 View Post
Just want to point out that Nike-it stated that the game doesn't have multi core support and that there were no plans to change this a few months ago (before the patch) on this board.
thanks for the heads up, didn't know that. however, i can clear that as being a false information. just tried the game again with an unpatched european version and both of my cores were nearly maxed out. whether he had received wrong info that was only valid for the much older russian version, or whether he was just wrong i don't know, but remember that this info comes from the same guy who suggested not to install the patch on lower spec systems. a proper advice would have been how to disable the new workload that the patch introduced via cfg instead of telling people not to update. also, some of his posts seem to imply that he has no direct access to the devs and that he has to wait himself like everybody else until infos come through. after all, as a forum admin for the publisher he doesn't even belong to the same company as those who actually made the game.

Originally Posted by waynen12 View Post
I did notice some improvements when I installed the patch a while back. The biggest difference was the removal of an annoying bug that threw up c++ runtime errors every time I loaded a map.
great then. i also noticed quite a few bugs before applying the patch. just more reasons to update.

just today i wrote an exhausting tutorial on the in-game settings that the game offers, which brings me back to shaq. this should help optimizing your settings to the point of excellent playability. if not, you can always post your settings and i'll try to help you with the process. anyway, here's the excerpt:

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