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Post for all pc gamer users

i know this is not directly related to RnR but i did not know where to post it so if a moderator or admin does then please feel free to put it in the right place,thx..

ok i have noticed across a lot of the trucking forums that one of the questions asked is if the game will run on their pc,now i have been using a site i found a long time ago some of you may know it and some of you may not,now at this time none of the trucking games are on there but i have emailed the owner and asked if they can update their list to include all the trucking games available.

at this moment in time it contains a huge amount of games and is a really great site,i use it all the time and its never let me down,you have to install a small widget of sorts for it to work but it doesnt affect your system or take any personal info,so if you want to check it it out and see for yourself just click on the link below... ;D
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