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Exclamation If anyone has Game lag and has a 4 or 6 Core CPU Read me

Hi Off-roaders

The game Lag would usually be due to your GPU but if you have a CPU with 4 or 6 Cores this might be causing your game lag, read all the following to learn more..

My PC is:
AMD Phenom 2 X6 1055t 3.3ghz Gladiator (true Physical 6 Core CPU)
AMD/ATI Radeon HD 7770 2gb GHZ-Edition GPU
RealTek 7.1 Soundcard
16gb Ram

I brought this game recently on Steam and I also have game lag, I previously thought it was my GPU but after thorough investigation, I found out that it was because I have a 6 core CPU and this game is not designed for modern Multicore or Multi threading, you may all be having the same sort of problem.

If the Developers were to make a Multicore and Multi Threading patch for the Retail and STEAM version then the game would probably work much better..

Hopefully the Developers see this and Act upon it and Hopefully it reassures you that your computers are as perfect as you want..
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