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Thumbs up What I Think Of ToW-Series

I got the ToW series during a Steam sale back in late-2010. When I first played it back then, my opinion of it was pretty low; the game lagged a lot (I had an O.K PC back then, not the best but I didn't have a bad one. Now I've got a great one), the presentation was a bit poor (no cutscenes, music or anything) and I had no idea how to make good use of the units I had at my command; they would usually just die instantly in view of an enemy. I uninstalled all the ToW games after around 3 hours and didn't look back.

Well, I decided to go back to it a few hours ago because I was bored; I wanted to play a new World War II strategy game. Theater of War 2: Africa and Kursk were the closest games I had to that type of gameplay, so I installed and played both yesterday.

I just have to say, how sorry I am for thinking that way back in 2010. This game, while not perfect (presentation is still a bit poor), is alright. There are a few bugs here and there, but I am a patient person.

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