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Default Logitech Extreme 3D PRO ($10)

Believe it or not my old pc flight stick worked lol

- I really recommend to all who buy flight sticks not to invest too much money on them, they all work the same, none can have Zoom customized, nor can check 6 o'clock with hatswitch. Unfortunately, all will give you the same results.

* Logitech Extreme 3D PRO (now are less than $10) "tested and it works"

* Works fine, I customized my own layout by combining this flight stick and my keyboard. (you cant assign Zoom to anything) and the throttle can not be assign to the throttle of the stick, Im sure same goes for all flight sticks)

* When the game came out I bought the Thrustmaster ($60) and sold it the next day, this old Logitech stick is less than $10 and gave me same results

* I will give it the highest score that I can give to a flight stick for this game * 3/5 *

P.S. "stick" but only to the pad
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