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A bit more specifics: Each point of Attack Greater than defenses causes 3.33% more damage (10 thirds to be exact). This means that if you have 15 Attack more than the targets defense, you will do 50% more damage (15 * 3.33 = 50).

For each point of defense greater than Attack, the unit will take less damage by 100/(100+3.33*DIFF), which is similar but different. This means if you have 15 defense greater than the attack you will take 100/150 = 66.7% of the damage, or 33.3% less.

Both of these calculations max out at 60 difference. At 60 greater attack you will do 300% of base damage (three times normal damage) and at 60 greater defense you will take 33% of normal damage (67% less than normal).

This is also taken from the manual. The next bit is something I have inferred based on logic.

Damage from crits is 150% of maximum damage, but how effective is +crit items and effects?

Edit: The below logic is horribly flawed. This is because Your total damage is: Base * Bonus from Attack * Bonus from Crit, whereas my logic below was assuming something like Base *(Bonus from Attack + Bonus from Crit).

Because of the above, it is MUCH more important to have a high crit chance, as it will multiply with your existing damage bonus from attack (High attack also increases average crit damage).

Consider that each unit has an average damage. For instance, a unit that deals 1-2 damage with each hit will have an average damage of 1.5. Each unit also then has a Crit Damage, 150% of the max. In this case, that damage is 3 (150% of 2). That means that a crit by this unit increases the average damage by 100% (from 1.5 to 3). The Raw bonus value of the crit is an average of 1.5 more damage. (3 from the crit - 1.5 from the base). This is the additional damage you did.

If we take the raw bonus value, we can then compare it to the crit percentage of a unit to determine the average effect of crit percentage. For instance, in our example, a 15% crit percent is 15% of 1.5, or .225 additional damage on average. To be more exact in this case.

Why would you want to know this? Well, for starters so you can figure out whether a bonus to ATK is better than a bonus to Crit %.

On our mythical unit with 1-2 damage, the crit% bonus is equal to a damage% bonus (Since the raw bonus damage = average damage). This means that 1 point of ATK bonus is equal to 3.33% crit.

However my example is far from typical! Let's look at a popular Unit, the Paladin.

Paladin does 16-20 damage. His average damage is 18,and his crit damage is 30, so he does 12 additional points of damage on a crit.

3.33% of 18 = .6 . This is the amount of additional damage Paladin does for each point of ATK he has greater than the targets.
.6 is 5% of 12. That means +5% crit chance = 1 point of attack.

Higher level units tend to have less variable damages, like the paladin, and therefore will have a better investment in attack than crit percentage.

Some units however benefit significantly more. For instance Polar Bears:

12-22 damage, average of 17, crit of 33.
3.33% of 17 = .567 damage per point of Attack.
.567 is 3.6% of 16(33-17) so each 3.6% of crit = 1 point of attack.

There is one last VERY important thing to consider, especially for warriors: Attack points max out. Black Dragons alone have 70 attack, meaning they are going to inflict maximum damage to units with 10 or lower Defense. A Hero may even have skills increases the attack of that dragon even higher (A warrior would be caught dead with less than 15 attack) meaning he will be doing max damage against a wide array of opponents! Since there is no point going over the 300% damage cap, you can STILL do crits more often to make this damage more impressive.

So my thoughts for today: A warrior should likely do best by putting points into Crit abilities and gear later on in the game, instead of more attack, especially when fighting non hero's. My Warrior game I played recently, that used Voice of the Dragon, and Dragon's was probably doing about close to maximum possible damage with every attack because of this (Maxed out 300% damage, and around 50% crit... 95% crit to undead and demons due to my Boy Toy).

I am loving this Russian manual!

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