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One more thought, this time on Morale.

The benefits of Morale are two fold:

1) Increases the base stats of a unit by X%

2) Increases the current crit% of a unit by Y%

This means it effects units very differently. A Level one unit like a lake fairy will get little benefit from a bonus to their base stats, as their base stats are so incredibly low. A point of attack or defense makes little difference.

However, the crit% increase is based off of a current value, and crit chance is a multiplier with total damage Dealt (Which I incorrectly eluded to before). That means that with low level units especially, you will want to combine +crit% items and abilities with +morale ones, if possible. A unit with 50% current crit, who gets 3 Morale, will have that increase by another 15%. For a unit like a Sprite that does 1-3 damage, and has a huge boost from criting, and very little boost from Attack, the combo is noticably more effective.

Also on the flip side, low morale is more of a penalty to higher level units, or high crit chance units, and negative morale comes from 'negative effects' on a unit.

This means that just stacking on ANY random bad effect will cause units to take significantly more damage. A Phoenix lighting three stacks on fire will actually greatly decrease those stacks' combat effectiveness. A Helplessness spell at level 3 will not only decrease defense by 60%, but will also grant another -20% from the negative morale. A 63 defense Red Dragon drops down to 12 defense, increasing the damage it takes by potentially to 269% of normal!
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