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Zech, you make some great points.

I largely changed my strategy away from boosting attack toward focusing on criticals as a result of what you've posted. There is a small detail though that has me wavering though.....critical % is exactly that, a % so you're having to depend on "the odds". I'm of the opinion that the sure thing is a better option even if dmg ceiling is lower than if you were to roll the dice.

Knowing that you'll always do 3x the damage even if there are a few times when those extra Attack points are overkill (and thus wasted) seems like a better plan than upping critical %....even late in the game. Yes, late in the game you're going to have absurdly high attack on your units but you're also fighting plenty of high level units with high defense or heroes with absurdly high defense. I'd rather depend on 3x damage than hoping I critical enough to take something out.

The other variable is that usually the best way to raise crit % is via items and those are usually race or individually troop based. I ran into this when deciding if I should replace Banner of Faith with something else. The added crit % to Paladins seemed so appealing that I've never replaced it but in practice, my Paladins rarely ever attack. I would have benefited much more by having a +Atk regalia all this time. Also consider those units in which you regularly use their abilities, (which don't trigger criticals, like elves. My archers have huge critical %'s but that gets wasted at least half the time with elves because I use their double arrow ability (which would benefit from higher attack) first.

I don't want to derail an informative thread into an Attack vs Critial% debate. My point is, I think it's best to take the regular sure thing over the situational roll of the dice.
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