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Hello I've seen this game before, I got intersted in it but when no date I gave up looking. Forgot about it tell I was looking around the internect, and run acrose it again. First off Looks great the amont of detail in the trucks,and the weather 8.5 out of 10. Strory mode good idea give a feel to it. As well fun factor. Racing fine with it being in there to keep it exitting for some. Driving around all day does get old. I know I use to drive. The reason I dont is cause of my kids. But I still have the passion for it. So this game brings out more realistace feel than any I've played or so it seems. But Theres a debate rather you have to race and such. Me I beleive it should be Optional. Not a must. Make it a must trash the game! Second I;ve read for 2 hours been watching vids for 3 hours. Ill buy but wait english cant have it? Wtf is it not based in the US? Cali. US trucks ever one I saw. So why do we have to wait even longer? Throw it on steam or something and you well make you're money in no time. Be willing to pay 50 US Dollars for it. Provide I can buy the damn thing. People waitting 8 years wtf. Thats wourse than Darkfall Online Europe game. And for the record they was smart they made damn sure they made sales in the US Open day. Even when they didnt have a server for the US atm.
US you will make most of youre money most likely, But you dicking us around. Bad Idea. Frankly lime moves on rather you do or not. You cant bring this out in timely fashion you get passed by. Or someone takes you're Idea and makes it better. Still you're Money. Guys you did a great job on the game. But you are failling Badly in bring it out for the public. Um thats you're pay check. Come guys Bring out so we can play. If im wrong and it is out Right know please show me where , and I buy today. But if I have to wait severals Months I dont need it. So is it out for the US???? If not when??? And where do we Buy???
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