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Well I understand that it was made in Russia. Thats fine. However what dumb finds me I guese is the fact they wait Month's to make it into english as well. Must Companys Foregn or not Want to make US copy's quick as possible, Frankly we spend to much money. But never the less For Entertanment we are where the moneys at. The games I dealt with in the paast like this made sure US could get opening day. Hell Even Europe truck Simulater that was coming out same time or later than this has it Translated. For English ,and for others. So its my Opinion they could have done a much better job in that. And it may hurt there pocket Because of it. What I've read alot of US guys are sick of waitting. Not all Will say screw it but some just may cause they taking way to long. I tried to but the Russia version. But frankly I cant even get to buy page cause I cant read it. lol And all thow you tried to answer my qestion , Thank you for the respone's. It does not give a real time or date. Upcoming months could be anothr year. And if it takes that long Frankly im not going to worry about this game. But if real soon than I watch it till it comes out. Thank You.
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