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Originally Posted by donnerwetter View Post
Sry but do you really have an ability to speak on behalf of the most players?
Worldwide, it certainly can not speak. But I can speak for our Czech and Slovak community!! And it is also the number. Now no longer 95% of fans in our community to turn away from the game. Remained only about 5 percent of children who no matter what how it works. I'm the moderator for this section. And the long years of listening to they comments and I know what they expect from a game, what they like and do not like, etc. Now 95% of our community hates the game and it has a similar view as me. You Be 100% sure! Game got a new name there. Rig'n'Lol.

Worldwide, there may not be so categorical, but I can only guess. You are not reading all truck fans forums?? Probably not! If you are not interested in those numbers, so that's your problem .... More than 60-70% have a negative view on R'n'L

Originally Posted by donnerwetter View Post
What you are asking for is to make RnR clone of 18WoS... which is nonsense and not gonna happen. Sorry.
Lol. Well for one thing. SCS will not play games. Is there a bad game engine, etc. But if you mean to compare these games, so the only nonsense here is the R'n'L!

Originally Posted by donnerwetter View Post
Look, nobody arguing with the statement that trailers behaviour is hardly realistic. But then again, if it was realistic enough to allow you parallel parking, how many times would you do 'this trick' by itself, not asking by the game? Twice, maybe, just to be sure it works? There is just no need to do it. It is so by design.
Sorry, this game is really about missions, deliveries and competiton, all hardcore cutted.
If I speak for myself and my friends where I was 100%, so I would do parallel parking always! Each manual unloading of cargo loading!!!! If the situation is always required to back, riding a long arc in turn is sharp for a long truck, etc. ...... !!!

I beg you. I have of you feel that you are the person wearing them from SoftLab. I think it right or not?? I not understand your arguments. That's how doggedly defend the unsuccessful game...

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