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Originally Posted by USA Trucker View Post
Yup, and that is what we're trying to convey, but it seems to fall on deaf ears, or they are just not interested in our views. Maybe somebody there should actually attend a trucking school, get behind the wheel of one, and really see what us truckers are all talking about. Don't make a trucking game if you don't know the first thing about it. I'm not talking about being in the shotgun seet! I mean actually drive one.
I totally agree with you. I read somewhere that a game like RnR can give more entertainment to a player, than driving a slow, complicated truck.

Well, i think that maybe a slow real-sim trucking game can give entertaintment for years to come.

how long do you think can last the entertainment of Rnr?
Two weeks?

After the last mission completed do you really want to try another of those unreal trucks? I dont think so!
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