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Your point is valid, and certainly worth noting. However, (there always seems to be a however) I belong to several gaming forums, and most of them have positive things to say about the games they represent. Such as Tropical3, and Mass Effect2, to name just a couple. They are insightful, and offer many positive recommendation, and generally applaud their games.

I have not been to such a site that had so much of a poor review as this one, by so many people. They hyped the game up so much, only to be let down by some serious performance, physics, and just plain olé lack of realism issues. When I look at a particular game I review forums, and other review formats. So, when you talk about the general population, keep in mind of those people too. The sales they would have had if a lot of those people didn't buy it because of the poor reviews. There are lots of stats to be compared to get the over-all picture of sales, and opinions. This can not be dis-counted.

Also look at how many viewers there are looking at some of the most popular threads, and out of all of them. how many prospective customers are saying "Oh, forget this game"? I come here as often as you, and sometimes I see 10+ guest, or un-registered viewers. These also must be taken into account.

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