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Originally Posted by M76 View Post
I'm happy for you, but I don't live in the mighty us of a, or wherever you are, I don't have the money to throw out the window. the avarage annual income here is about 6000$ yes, annual. And the software prices are just the same, or even more since most publishers and companies like to use the 1$ = 1€ conversion, and we have 25% tax on EVERYTHING. What I'm saying is I don't have the luxury to just throw away the game that I spent 40$ on, and go out and buy another that might be better.
Dude, I'm Brazilian and I assure you that this country has the biggest taxing in the whole world no matter the kind of good it is.
About games, we pay around 52% of taxes of which, 35% is only importing fees, so don't come tell me that you are taxed by 25% on everything, because my situation is worst than yours.

And even with that, I still do what I said and I'm not even rich!
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