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Smile complaining

I See the post of alot of players complaing, About how unrealistic the game feels. I thought I would put my 2 cents in. I play almost if not ever 18 Wheeler game out! I drove in 1999 to 2000. I curently went back to driving Little after these game came out. I well say yes it has bugs And some what not real, However its closer than most games as been. Did a great job on showing you what the truck really looks like. Makes Look more Rewarding Than it really is, But never the less I driven almost ever single truck in this game if not all. They hit right on with looks. Handling Well Its a Computer game Lets face it nothing like the real thing. Messed up on not backing though. Should give the drivers a taste to what its like in the real wourld. All and all Good game pretty good job, Could be Better But it does do better than most Driving games. Its is some what close. All thought they make CA look better than it is. lol Been throw all South of Cal And Middle It has different and alot to see, But my Opinion looks better on the game! Person note. To all you play this game in feeling a dream, Or Kids thinking of be coming a driver for real. Be sure thats what you want in life. Its not an easy life High demands! Low cost! If you have a family Even harder!!!! This is best in a single mans wourld. Just thought I would say that, Warn the wanbees thats harder than appears. But Hey This life chooses the driver not the other way around. Be safe For the real drivers, known Enjoy Actting like one! Have fun!
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