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Originally Posted by Future-Garage View Post
Hello everyone,

I need a little help with a small problem. I started playing King's Bounty: Armored Princess/Crossworlds today. I started as a warrior and I played through the training academy until the 2nd or 3rd fight. You have to defeat a bunch of plants/ents. The game recommends using (fire) magic as an extension of the magic tutorial but since I'm not a mage I have no magic. And none of scrolls I have contain any fire spells either. Anyway I still managed to beat them. The paladins I just recruited (also part of the tutorial) made short work of them, but after the battle they have suddenly dissapeared. I reloaded the game, won the fight again and again bye-bye paladins. So is this some kind of bug or is this supposed to happen? It's wierd, because they're not supposed to be dead or anything. So now I don't know if I should just ignore it and continue on or to reload again and try something different.

Thank you in advance.
Nope, not a bug. You're in the training area, and so that you can have a couple interesting fights that you're unlikely to lose, one of the trainers raises your leadership score and sends you to recruit the five paladins. They are with you only while you're in the training area. As soon as you leave, you're left with your original starting forces.

BTW, one way to slightly increase your starting forces is to drop off most of the troops in the Debir castle right before you go into training. When you come out of training, your army is back to its original composition, and the troops you left in the castle are also there. It's not much of a boost, but can help you win a couple fights on Debir at the very beginning.
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