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Originally Posted by StiC View Post
while showing my daughter where I used to live 20 years ago, I decided to use Google street view to see if the old game store I used to frequent was still there. Not only was it still there, but I could read the web address on the sign. Wanting to support my old friend I ordered BoP, a game which I could not find locally.

A year later I'm still playing and having fun and it is all thanks to this incredible community. Thank you everyone.

Its always been a strong community and one where we've all helped each other along the way, whether we be PS3 or 360 players

A great bunch.

I'm glad you've found your old game shop that you used to visit haha. I should pop back onto this forum from time to time, but now i spend it mostly over at the Gaijen one with everyone else. Seems we've all finally made the move over at last. Just have to make sure any potential new pilots know where to find it to.
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