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I tried playing this game back in 2010, and I couldn't get into it at all. I can see why people were complaining about the game-play. It didn't feel like a simulation game to me, felt more of an arcade. I played it for maybe 30 minutes, and uninstalled it out of absolute boredom. I do not like the way they make you transport goods in this game at all. I acquired tickets for the most lamest things in the game.

I much prefer the SCS series to this. Personally, I don't really care that much about graphics. I prefer how the game plays than anything else in games, and I'm sad to say this one just disappointed me (the same can be said about some aspects of the game "Freight Tycoon" and how they completely ignored trying to fix the game's problems, which in all honesty, is just lame and I refuse to buy any other of their games because of this).

It took them 10 years to make this game, which in my honest opinion, is a loooong time. That's 5 times longer than the average game being created. Another company did this too, with a game called "One Must Fall: Battlegrounds", and it wasn't really that great of a game. I much preferred OMF: 2097 over the sequel because I couldn't stand the way they changed everything, and it took them 5-8 years to create it. Total disappointment, and I just feel the same way with this one.

To the people who prefer this game over SCS, good for you. At least you got some enjoyment over it. I won't be touching it again, so have fun with it (not sarcasm).

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