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Angry Same problem with me!!!

As this game was on budget at my local Saturn market I bought it on last Friday. As I tried the demo several month ago and it worked fine I thought that there shouldn't be a problem at all - what a mistake.

But this error still persists since end of last year and no solution by the publisher - really bad marketing!

I have a GTX 470 (updated to last NVIDIA drivers), too, no 4-core CPU (still running on a well tuned C2D E8400-System), win7 64bit and the german version (published by Peter Games / 1C - Classic-Budget-Label) and the error in the log describes the same fault as mentioned earlier.

So I will return the game for refund to the shop - sadly because the demo was very promising, but that kind of user support is beyond words... or shall I say: 1C again?

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