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Originally Posted by Sneaksie View Post
Dunno what's wrong, i've tried the very same version (Peter Games) on work PC - C2D E8200, 2Gb RAM, Win7 64, but different card - an old GTS 250. Looks like the new video card makes the difference (or its drivers).

Where is your game installed to? Did you try to run it as Administrator (right click on the executable or shortcut and choose 'Run as Administrator'). In addition, uncheck 'High landscape detail' and 'High sky detail' in game settings.
Install Directx9 (having 10 or 11 won't suffice, they use different libraries) using this link if you haven't done so.
I tried the game on three (!) different PCs - from AMD Dual-Core to Intel Dual-Core with three different graphic cards 7900GTX SLI Combo, 9600M and the GTX470 - and yes: I have installed DX9 and not only DX10/11 as I have some other games that also only use DX9, tried the different admin and compatibility things, different locations (not Windows-HD e.g.) etc. and turned down all settings to the lowest profile.

I am no beginner in the matter of PC stuff at all and had few games that didn't work at all - and most of them were known not to work on Win7 64bit systems or with dedicated hardware. But as I read this thread there are people that have this issue with Win XP 32bit and ATI video card - with the same failure! So I don't think its a matter of the OS.

But Yes, I also think that in this case it really could be the fact that the newer (nvidia) graphics card drivers may be the issue for misbehaviour. But as I am not a programmer - and I don't want to invest another weekend to get this budget title work - I think it's the task for the devs/publishers (1c himself) to get it work with todays systems, when they want to sell it these days, or make clear that it doesn't work with actual hard- and software!

So I brought it back to the local Saturn market and told the clerk to inform his customers that this title might not work with newer hard-/software - he promised me to talk to his sales peoples, too.

Maybe if 1C gets some amount of packages back from large resellers they would react and do a bug fix...or withdraw from the stores.

And be sure - that is no good marketing for newer products of this brand at all - and I for myself won't buy any of these!

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