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True, the Skull of death costs alot in runes, but how is rune cost related to power? Demonstrated by the following quote

Lets for mage class add Heroism skill 2nd lvl
Why would a mage add lvl2 Heroism, or a warrior level Linguistics for that matter. If we are talking about waste this is it. The right combinations would be to stack rage skills with rage items and int skills with int items, and getting an Edge in that specialization, the same reason you wanted to stack int i believe. The skull transforms from something, which grants said edge for rage reliant users, into something which is barely better than an Ancient amulet, and even that is debatable. Clearly a downgrade.

+5att = 16.5% higher dmg for your units vs enemy.
Not quite true, the difference between def and atk is not always less than 60. Especially with Frenzy on high level units atk shoots out of range fast and attack becomes a pointless stat. Comparing items by their plain cost just cannot be done. Hey we could compare GP cost.
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