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Default Improvements for MOW 2

Hello I haven't been here for a while as I got sick n tired the way mow played with certain aspects. I love the idea of the way it played generally, but some niggles had put me totally off the game..

These were:

_reloading your MG/AA etc (what a nightmare - get a truck pull up get a man direct him etc etc) I mean I get the real idea of Ammo not magickly appearing in the weapon, but this sequence could of been more automated. Maybe just the players goal is to get the truck near the dry emplacement, and the game does the rest.

_Difficulty Between easy and normal was a vast gap of difficuilty. Could rinse the enemy on easy then on normal totally got overrun by AI tanks. Please maybe tone down the tank reinforcements from the AI.

These 2 alone killed the game, for me, otherwise its a good game.. I would love to come back to MOW 2 and I would (not been playing COH much anyway) but please fix these issues in 2.
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