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No, what I'm saying is that I did not get the intellect. When I used the ring, my intellect went down 3 and my mana went up 6. Three permanent and 3 for the ring. Then I took the ring off, and I kept +3 mana. Still better than nothing, but not what I was expecting. I've been having other problems with the game as well. Like any time the reward for a quest is mind runes, the game doesn't put the blue graphic in parenthesis like it's supposed to and I never get the runes. Like when fighting your double, it would say:

Reward Might Runes () 2 pcs. Mind Runes () 2 pcs. Magic Runes ( ) 2pcs.

And I wouldn't get any magic runes. Not that I'm complaining. I've got Lake Fairies.
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