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That is weird. At least the game is playable for you, I guess.

My game is very easy. It's 9am on day 5 and I am ready to go to Freedom Isles, having just reached level 9. But as it will be 7am on day 6 when I arrive, I might as well do a couple more things in Darion first (upgrade fights, tournaments etc).

I got my 10 Might runes from the Gladiator Sword. I seem to have most of the Might tree upgraded already (not really all of it - but up to Tactics 1 and Nighttime Commander 2). I have my beloved Trade 3 as usual in the Mind tree, but that's basically it. No Glory or Reserve yet - I will have to use Castles to garrison troops for a while. And I have Distortion 3 in the Magic school, and not much else (Healing 1, Order 1). I have decided that Chaos is out of the question - in fact Concentration probably isn't all that necessary for the Warrior.

So the strategy for now is to use Trap 3 extensively (I think my Intellect is around 10) - no Phantom as yet. Presumably the Warrior should steer clear of direct damage spells due to low intellect/mana, and that basically rules out Chaos. Distortion would appear to be the way to go. And of course Leadership is a high priority - I think I have 3300 already. In Freedom Isles I will aim to marry Mirabella and stock up on Sea Dogs/Pirates and Shamans. And now it's time to sleep.
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