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Yep, well I'm struggling a bit now. Amazing contrast with my Impossible Mage game where I smashed my way through Freedom Isles with level 3 Ice Snake. This time I am having to do the quest fights first (as they don't seem to scale to 170% strength like normal stacks). So I killed Thorny Pete, the dude in the Western Isles castle, then Captain James. These were easy, but I wanted Mirabella so I had to try to kill the Kraken too.

It's much harder for me because I had become used to Chaos spells being my primary attacking force, especially in boss fights. Flaming Arrow 3 is an outstanding spell for boss fights as it only uses 5 mana. But no Chaos in this game. I had a hard time beating the Kraken at level 10 using Sea Dogs, Pirates, Swordsmen, Barbarians and Archers. The tactic was to use Dragon Arrows 2 on the Archers and kill the devilfish with the rest. But it didn't work. It took too long and the Kraken's devilfish get stronger too quickly. If you can't win this fight by about turn 20 you are in trouble, as I discovered.

Really I would have been better with Orc Shaman, but I knew there were some tough fights along the way there, so they are out of reach for now.

I finally won when I got rid of the Barbarians (I also tried my Priests which were useless) I won with Thorn Hunters. I still lost quite a lot of stuff though. Feanora's children were rubbish in this game, so after the fight I said goodbye to her, giving her 3 out of the 12 coins I had. That's broke.

So now I have Mirabella, the Pirate Flag, Chieftan's Belt, Gladiator Sword, Knight's Sword with full stacks of Sea Dogs, Pirates, Archers, Swordsmen and Royal Thorns. And no money. Sea Dogs are up to 61 attack though, so hopefully I will be able to clear out everything now.

Oh and I think Freedom Isles is about the most boring past of the game. xp grind.
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