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I think I left the turtle until at least level 7, possibly level 8. Basically, you can get up to level 9 in Darion before going to Freedom Isles, and I would recommend doing this. Clear out everything except Staff of Destruction (i.e. levels 1 and 2 of Rezo's Tower) and Enemen's castle.

I don't recall exactly what I did for the turtle, but it was nothing special. I wasn't using any ranged units except for Inquisitors, and I had no good direct damage spells for the turtle. I suppose I had leadership of about 3000 by then though, so I hit it with Royal Snakes (no retaliation) and maybe the Swordsmen as well. You could use Thorn Hunters as another ranged unit, or if you find Dragon Arrows you can use Bowmen. I've never had a problem with the turtle, but I wouldn't try it at level 5.

Now the Kraken was a different story (see above). Thank God for the young Simpson brother and the Clear Crystal (worth 50,000 gold). That's what Trading 3 is worth - the ability to sell things for full price. It only costs 6 Mind runes to do Trading 1, 2 and 3. Best runes I ever spent. But I am hovering around 70,000 gold now, which is low.
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