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Originally Posted by Zhuangzi View Post
I think I left the turtle until at least level 7, possibly level 8. Basically, you can get up to level 9 in Darion before going to Freedom Isles, and I would recommend doing this. Clear out everything except Staff of Destruction (i.e. levels 1 and 2 of Rezo's Tower) and Enemen's castle.
In my experience it's better to defeat the turtle as soon as you can and than go to Freedom Isles buy a boat and pick up all you can (without any fighting involved ) and also do the quest that gives you anga's ring , not for the ring, it's pretty useless at the moment but for the exp , on imposible I think it's 5000 or something like it. All the leadeship flags , money , runes etc you find there will buff you up A LOT so you could clear what's left to clear in Darion very easily. It should double the leadership and add 30-40 k gold on impossible.
Probably you've been doing this but I thought to wright it for the players new to the game.
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