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Dear Sita,

The Hungarian files seem not to have been properly updated to 4.13 either. E.g. Svalbard, Tobruk, and New Britain are plainly missing in the HU map file, and so do many planes, squads, commands, and messages introduced with 4.13 (or long before). I have not noticed this until now as I never use the localized version.

Making a proper update to the HU files would require checking each file line by line. I doubt whether it's worth the effort. I updated, so far as I could, the hud_log, controls, gui, and maps files, but there's no guarantee that they are complete now. As to the rest (plane, regInfo, regShort, technics, weapons), it's better to use the EN files instead.

Cheers, and thank you for your hard work!
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