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The patch installer does not remove third-party programs from the game folder. In general, versioning functionality has become more friendly to third-party utilities.

-ANO for MBR2, wing lights were confused
-the possibility of fixing the tail wheel on the MBR2
-fixed compass in the cockpit MBR2
- in the cockpit of the MBR2 pilot of the holes on the right opening blister (they were not tied to the blister, were one-sided and when opening the blister half became invisible)
fixes on the MBR2 concerning faults. To floats discarded with the destruction of the wings of all.
-For aircraft F4F, F4U speed indication returned to the knots
-for the full editor, editing text copy functions to the system clipboard often led to the launch of the game on the desktop
-for the full editor, editing the function of group copying of objects, the copied objects were reset to their original orientation
-for the full editor corrected the names of some new objects in the Russian localization
- for English localization, the names of bomb loads for IL-4 aircraft were corrected

for dedicated server (Dedicated Server):
- programs like il2connect began to display full information about the settings of a working DS server: the number of players, the level of difficulty, the current map, etc.
-fix with bases (test runways and aircraft carriers)
-tod command displays information as before. Use tod DATA for more information.
-fix network transmission and logging of events about dumping of rocket boosters on He-111-H16

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