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Default Why no il2fb.exe? NO HyperLobby with out it!

Why is there no il2fb.exe to start a server in HyperLobby? HyperLobby will ONLY start a server with il2fb.exe! If I re-name "il2server.exe to il2fb.exe the server will not start because of CRT, it says "bad files in game folder" and shuts off.

Where can I write the Daidalos team to get this fixed? I posted in a few places here and I guess they didn't see it or they are cutting HyperLobby off from 414.1?

I have tried to contact HyperLobby and can find no way to ask them to let il2server.exe start the server.

This problem is ONLY for the DogFight server patch, I really hoped 414.1 would fix this problem.

I have always kept the FUN~4~ALL server updated with the newest patches and listed on HyperLobby until 414 came out..
A bunch of regular players got 414 and can't join the server because it is not listed on HyperLobby. I told them when 414.1 comes out, it should be fixed then so, I guess they now have to wait until 414.2 comes out???

If you know anyone that can contact the Daidalos team or HyperLobby so we can get this fixed before people delete the game and leave forever.. Please let me know,,, please.
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