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Depends on the mod you're trying to use. 4.14 is very restrictive in this regard. Forget about any of the huge, "all-in-one" megamods. Just won't work in 4.14.

Mod use is pretty much a la carte in 4.14. Which is fine BTW as long as you know what you want and how to use it. More work but better to suit one's individual tastes.

The only things I have gotten to work in 4.14 are a few 3d mesh and texture modifications to existing locations (cowlings and wheels, new cockpit and map retextures, etc). Forget about adding new planes, vehicles, ships, etc. Not gonna happen. For everything else, you'll just have to test and see what works and what doesn't.

Many of my favorite mods in 4.13 won't work in 4.14. Chief among them are many of Barnesy's aircraft, Check Your Six's C2 Utility, and a bunch of others. I've stopped using 4.14 altogether.

Mod use with 4.14 is kind of a sore subject now, given the heavy restrictions.

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