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Originally Posted by Mysticpuma View Post
Thanks. I still have the original disk so probably can't do it through Steam but thanks for the reply. I do already have Bat installed up to the latest version. Not sure how many differnces there are in BAT compared to official IL2.....does the B-24 that Monguse created appear in BAT?

Thanks for the links, very much appreciated.

As for coming back to IL2, never really left, just enjoy flying around all over the place

Cheers, Mysticpuma
BAT is immense... Over 1,700 aircraft models, several hundreds (over 400, I guess) maps, countless weapons options, God knows how many new ground objects, new ships, C&C (command and conquer), visual mods, etc.
Ultimate offline pack, in my opinion.
I'm not sure about Monguse's model, but there are 4 B-24s currently, including G.R.V.
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