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Originally Posted by AndreiTz View Post
I have a question. I've killed the big frog before asking the bird for the quest and now I can't seem to finish it.
The flymaster still thinks the frog is alive and I have to...hmmm... kill it somehow

Is there any way to finish this quest?
Thank you!
I thought I had repaird the frog bug... I guess not. A player mentioned it some time ago. Next time, talk to the bird first... I don't think I will touch this campaign for repairs again.

I thought all items, Runes, Chests were accessable, haven't heard about it before. Damn....

Good you enjoyed it! There are some developers making a campaign inspired with The Legend at the moment. Not sure how far they are in process. They are having several people working on it. I did Trent all by myself! The story, quests, maps, coding etc. - Trent was a huge work, but fun work. The editor is a bit tricky to master, mainly because of crashes now and then.
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