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Originally Posted by Elektra View Post
Gentlemen, I came here after a long time, and great to see a new mod! downloading now, and looking forward to play.

To the person asking about other mods: there is Red Sands, which is huge and very well done. You can still find the link in this forum (was in fact posted by me 2 years ago). So good luck, and I look forward playing this!

Beware, adventurer Elektra, as this campaign is much harder (but hopefullly much better balanced as well) than the original one. You'll be truly challenged now and then. This means even the regular/ordinary armies patrolling or guarding treasures will put you sometimes against the ropes.

Hence, choose Hard or Impossible for the hightest difficulty, but don't be ashamed to play on Normal or Easy for a while if you need/want to.
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