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Originally Posted by Fhechene View Post
This has nothing to do with mods. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your username.
Ahahah! I noted it only now: a very nice username

regarding 4.14 mod: I have in my istallation retextures, cockpits, a pair of new flyable (re.2002, A5M, bugged Su-2, letov 328, moranes and Hs-123), mig-3 new 3d, fiat G.50 bomber and new planes by FM mod act. (PZL.24, Hurricane IIb trop, spitfire 14, typhoon Ib and bf-109G-4) mainly from freemodding.

Are there a complete list of 4.14 compatible mods? it will be useful, and I hope there are more compatible mods in near future
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