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As for everyone, who wants to have a simulation... Well, I can't in any way avoid the realization, that this is no simulator... I mean, yeah, it has trucks.. Loads, and realistic roads... But.. It's still going to be racing game, with trucks, and some economy . After playing a bit of Eurotruck, and watching some other truck games videos on youtube it becomes very obvious, how much those games are closer to simulation . I mean, just look at traffic speed.. The traffic must overtake a truck with load in reality, but in Rig'n'Roll it's just to slow.

So, game will probably fit more people, who play more action-packed games. Maybe it will be a good balance, I don't know. I surely hope. All in all, I like action packed Hard Truck 2 (it seams, officially it is called King of the Road), so Rig'n'Roll will work for me .
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