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Originally Posted by Qwx View Post
As for everyone, who wants to have a simulation... Well, I can't in any way avoid the realization, that this is no simulator... I mean, yeah, it has trucks.. Loads, and realistic roads... But.. It's still going to be racing game, with trucks, and some economy . After playing a bit of Eurotruck, and watching some other truck games videos on youtube it becomes very obvious, how much those games are closer to simulation . I mean, just look at traffic speed.. The traffic must overtake a truck with load in reality, but in Rig'n'Roll it's just to slow.

You can't compared RnR with SCS games without taking into account all the features of both games. We dont know all the features of RnR yet, so there's no real way of comparing them. Sometimes in RL is can be a raced to reach your destination before other trucks.
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