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Ok there's perhaps something I don't see but why make simple something you can make complicate? Why not use something else than sprites and do the same sequence and save last hero cast? Is really the stack will fully die?

Additionally this is quite dangerous, each time the stack is attacked and die the last hero count decrease of 1, 3 attack your stack in 1st round and no more unit when you cast fire rain or anything. Or just two attack your stack in 2nd round and this is over too.

Much more safe would be something using Stone skin or Divine Shield instead of last hero. Well ok just my 2 cents.

EDIT: Myself I also tried a bit around this spell and each time either it's been useless ie cast for nothing because the stack doesn't die just lost many units, either the spell exhausted at wrong time and I lost the stack. And for using stack of 1 unit, well that is a very high penalty.

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