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I must agree with Tree here.

The BlitzPigs, and our friends from the Pilot's Pub are split about 75% to 25%, with only the 25% using CLOD. There are a small number playing RoF, a smaller number playing DCS A10-C, (some crossover here) and the rest have stopped flight sims altogether. Only myself and BlitzPig_Void still play '46, and that's on rare occaision.

Everyone was very hopeful about CloD at the beginning, but now they have given up and think it won't make it past the sequel.

Sad, but that's the truth of it.

Personally speaking, the P-40 could contend on an equal footing with all the types of Messerschmitts, almost to the end of 1943.
~Nikolay Gerasimovitch Golodnikov
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