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I dare say that the descision to coninue to play a long standing, exisiting Sim opposed to switching to a new one has more factors involved but the state of the new release. I remember back in the days when CoD was still due to be released many players stating they will wait until the new series sports a similiar amount of aircraft and theatres as IL2 1946 did (notwithstanding it took IL2 1946 more then 10 years to get where it is now).

As others already said, the more choice you have, the more likely it is that people will take different preferences, pretty natural.

Personally, I am a WW2 geek, played 1946 like crazy back in it's day but for the love of it can't go back there now. CoD simply put the bar too high for 46 to compete in regards to FM, DM and graphics. But I am sure others will have different priorities. As aus3620 already said, pointing fingers here in the line of "CoD destroyed my squad" is a bit simple.

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