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I think the loss of squad pilots has a lot more to do with the fact that a lot of people were hanging out playing 46 in anticipation of CLOD, and when it finally came out, a lot of squads already had lower participation from various factors.

Let me list a few;
  • Life sometimes just gets too busy
  • Splitting community from the different mod versions of 46
  • Complexity of getting 46 mods working (not everyone flying is an IT geek)
  • LOTS of other worthwhile games coming out
  • Going a bit stale from 10 years of almost the same thing over and over
  • CLOD not working as well on some systems as people were hoping
  • Some people like me just decided to have a break until some of the teething problems were sorted with CLOD

I wouldn't worry too much, a lot of those people will be back, especially if it's in your blood...

So i dont think you cant point the blame squarely at CLOD for people leaving squads, its a broader set of issues.
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