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Originally Posted by bearcat22 View Post
I'm interested in finding patches/mods to fix the game "Fantasy Wars". Even on the "Easy" setting the game is much much much too hard. Beyond insanely hard. So hard it makes me want to hunt the designers down and smash their testicles with a sledgehammer. Seriously. Literally.

It's bad enough that you're outnumbered and outclassed by the enemy, but to add on a time limit? That's just Fkd up.

There needs to be a patch/mod to TURN OFF the time limit, and to double or triple the amount of money available for purchasing new units, because it's a bloodbath every time.

Negative 96 stars. Major FAIL. SUK. TOO HARD. Guess what? Frustration does not equal fun. Reloading the same scenario 45 times in a row is not fun. Build the game with SCALE so thats EVERYONE can play it, not just masochists.
I don't believe you are outnumbered at all. In most scenerios you have 14-17 units all in the same location. The number of enemies you face at any time is not anywhere near 14-17. Playing carefully you could over time wear down then eliminate all the enemies the mission throws at you. This is why there is a time limit.

Differences in tactics makes a huge difference in outcome. I play on normal, lose one or two units during a scenerio, and get gold about 1/3 of the time and silver the rest. Here are some tactical ideas:

1) Don't go toe to toe with an enemy until you have worn it down with attacks that do not allow a return attack like archers and scouts. Some enemies, like the large orcs and trolls in castles will take multiple turns to wear down to the point they can be driven out by melee attacks. Keep a unit like a scout or eagle next to them to limit their healing\recovery.

2) Don't let a wounded enemy get away, it will recruit\resupply and then you will have to fight it again at full strength. It is best to keep at least one of your troops next to it to limit its resupply/healing. Eagles are good for this.

3) Don't spread your attacks across too many enemies. It is better to decimate 2 or 3 enemy units than it is to mildly injure 5 or 6.

4) Back up your front line troops with archers behind and eagles above. When they are attacked the enemy will suffer attacks from these troops also.

5) Scout out the enemy positions. Eagles, particularly with segmented movement, are great for this. Scouts, not suprisingly, are very good too. Running into a hidden enemy means getting ambushed and taking a lot of damage. So does chasing a wounded enemy down and discovering it has 3 or 4 friends in the area. Now your pursuer is outnumbered.

6) Terrain makes a huge difference. Don't attack from a river hex. Get scouts into forest if given the choice. Stick to roads whenever possible it increases the movement options of your troops tremendously.

7) Enemies retreat away form the unit that inflicts the damage. Use that concept to insure an emeny retreats to a location that is to your advantage. For example, a ranger on the far side of a wounded enemy can drive it back into your army where other troops can finish it off or insure it gets no chance to recruit or heal. An enemy next to a river can be forced to retreat into the river where it is an easy kill.

Drive away or wear down enemy supporting archers. Attacking an enemy melee unit with archer support will cause you to suffer two attacks. Hit the archer first and you will take less damage when attacking the melee unit. Eagles, scouts, archers, war machines, and spells are good for this. Eagles will take a fair amount of damage but are usally able to then move out of range of any follow-up attacks and heal up if needed.

9) Heal your wounded troops. Pushing forward with units at 1/2 strength is a great way to get them killed. They do less damage, are prone to retreat, and if they face successive attacks are likely to be killed. If a badly wounded unit is next to an enemy, which would limit recovery, try to drive off the enemy unit so your unit can heal all wounds this turn. If necessary move the wounded unit behind friendly lines and heal it next turn.

10) Your heros always recover fully when healing, troops only recover wounds and need to be next to a city to recruit. So there will be tactical times where the hero needs to move in and make the next blow and not a troop.
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