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This is brilliant, been flying CEM from day one but there's always things you can learn, but I've never bothered doing things like fiddling with the gunsight etc. so that was extremely helpful.

Just one thing though, more as a point of interest rather than correction (just a different way of doing things I suppose!) is that when I try to exit a spin I do all the things you did, except I also put ailerons out of the spin - i.e. opposite to the rudder (so if your left foot goes down, stick goes to the right... I think ). I don't know if it helps much, since you seemed to get out of the spin just as quick as I do, maybe even slightly quicker, but I read that as a recommendation some time back and it's always worked. Maybe it was meant for modern props rather than a Mk.I Spit though.

Still, keep up the great work! I always make a point of watching these just to learn something new or see how someone else does things, so even as someone with relative experience with CEM these kinds of videos are still brilliant to watch and much appreciated.
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