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Originally Posted by Nepe_EAF51 View Post
Well, the standard out of spin procedure is:

P...Power- idle
R...Rudder-opposite rotation
E...Elevator-forward to break the stalled condition
All this is done simultaneously.

PARE being the mnemonic.

Nice video, thank you Freycinet. I would have added trim usage (especially in that climb to hold 160 mph) and more attention to the ball. All in all, a great help, thx for your work.
Rudder opposite rotation? - Hmm... I seem to remember that it should be into the rotation for the Spit.

I thought about setting the trim in the video too, but decided against it. This vid is meant as a VERY basic tutorial, so I had to cut out some things (also setting the compass). But maybe I should have left in trim settings instead of the gunsight settings... Oh well.

I do notice that I fly a bit out of trim. Well spotted!

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