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Originally Posted by roptor90 View Post
Dear 1C Company, DMS and Best Way many years had past since these 2 indie studios began working together and brought us Men of War and both Men of War Assault Squad`s which are the most selling titles in franchise 10 year history..

Today is Best Way struggling with canceled/recycled games, why ?
And why is DMS the only studio which keeps once and ambitious franchise alive ?
What happened to GEM engine developement at all ?
Why has it literally stopped in 2009 ?
Why had not DMS and Best Way worked side by side on new nowaday engine (see GEM3) since 2009 and did not gave us Men of War 2 for example like yesteryear ?

The point is:
These studios proved that they are skilled and ambitious and they can create AAA game. TOGETHER once more TOGETHER.
1C how about to unify these studios and let them to give us games like Men of War 2, Nuclear Union and Call to Arms for example ?

PS: sorry for shallow english.
I think you missed that Best Way works on their own game now.

So the they won`t do that anytime soon.
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