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I do not think that higher leadership for lvl5 units will be the correct way to avoid overpowered lvl5 strategies. If i had only 1 single green dragon instead of 25 of them, then it's the same easy way to win except phantom copying. The key to win with dragons or archdemons is their initiative and their speed. They flee away from enemy because they start each round and fly from one corner to the other.
Damage maker are not the lvl5 units but summoned units and damage spells.
Give them initiative 3 or speed 3 (not both together) and they are useful but not overpowered.
Archdemons has this volcano ability. As a mage my main damage in 1st half of the game came from rage skills. Until turn 20 you have full rage all the time with volcano skill from the archdemons. I splitted the demons so that i got more volcanos from each single demons. This volcano skill must be lowered (best no rage), archdemons are good enough without this skill.
On starting isle all combats could be won with a single chaos dragon. More: you could only win it no loss if you avoid other units. With initiative 6 speed 6 they were good, but full regeneration each turn make them overpowered.
Sure: you are right - if anyone wants to cheat he can load/save game until it fits. There's no recipt against this cheating. If a player can live with it, okay.
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